Saturday, November 5, 2011

1 Week! I'm getting Married!

Hello! Blogger is actually working today! Every time I try to get on here it's either not working or my parents internet is having a hard time. I am so excited to marry Jake in a week. He is such a great guy! I love being with him and hate the days when we don't get to see each other. Everything for the wedding has been coming together and I can't wait to it all to happen. I almost have my sub plans ready too. Yipppeee!! It's amazing all the little details that go into weddings. Props to everyone that has prepared for a wedding, wow! I just want to pinch myself. I can't believe how amazing everything is right now. I feel so grateful for everything. Hopefully I'll get to see many of you in a week too :).

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Life as it for Tiffany Finley is quite the revolving door, one activity ends and I’m back on the rebound, looking for something to spice it up! Live it up, I tell you! Although, those who know me well, know my limits of “living it up!” A whirlwind of terrible singing, dancing, playful banter, blunt responses, sweet and endearing but firm and serious remarks to children, speaking/slaughtering accents that I’ve spun from memory, are a just a few of my favorite things….I delight in waking to the sunrise, driving to an incredible place of work, where I am able to express my true self regularly! My students call me "Crazy. ” This is where the song and dance comes into play, whether we are learning about adjectives or writing our names on our papers, I’ve got a song and cheer for it all! I’m passionate about traveling and walking down narrow pathways. In my spare time, I enjoy taking walks in the park…I’ve been known to disappear in the dark of the night, only to be found on the swings. I also love to organize and re-organize, I can never quite get things right. I thoroughly enjoy people watching.