Saturday, May 31, 2008


I'm sure you're all wondering where I've been, I haven't blogged in ages! (sarcasm) Hehe! I've been in New York City! I'm off track, one of the joys of teaching at a year-round school! Dang it is all I can say about next year! I decided to go to the Big Apple with a few friends... we were there for 6 days and 5 nights. I would have to say one of my favorite things to see was Ellis Island! But man, oh man, there were many fun adventures on this trip!

Stay tuned for pictures of...Time Square, Central Park, the Met, Museum of Natural History, the Empire State Building, Statute of Liberty, Ellis Island, Ground Zero, China town, the groudy Subway stations, lugging our enormous suit cases on the trains, and how could I forget Wicked, it was incredible! Oh and guess what! I ran into a girl from high school, Carrie Thompson. We were just about to get on the train at Grand Central Station and I saw her walking right towards me!

Well, I have a HUGE project due for school...I will be posting the pictures after Thursday at 5:00 pm! Until then...check out Katey's or Garrett's blogs for pictures...I know for sure that Garrett has already posted some pics, I'm sure Katey's will come soon.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Happy Mother's Day to my INCREDIBLE MOTHER!

Not only is she one hotttt mama!
She puts up with all my drama!

For every holiday she gives me socks,
We even like to go on lots of walks!

She loves to go shopping,
She'd rather do that than mopping.

Dear Ma,

Sorry this poem is so lame... I feel like rhyming lately...I can't really think of anything to say that would encompass all the beautiful things there are about you inside and out. You're the first one I want to call when something exciting or something terrible has happened. You're always the first person I call when I'm having drama or I'm trying to understand this world we live in! You're the one with all the shopping advice, I call you when I can't decide if something is a good deal or not. You help me be practical and sensible. You teach me to give life a chance and to give everything my best shot! You tell tell me I can do anything. You remind that everything always works out. You taught me how to do my laundry, braid my hair, and how to make freezer jam! You showed me how to be a lady...."ladies pluck their eyebrows, shave everyday, chew with their mouths clothes, say appropriate things at the dinner table, dress nice ( you never know who you might run into), wear nice perfume, and don't forget to smile!" You taught me to be accepting and loving. You taught me to be the best kind of me...thanks mom! I love you!

Mom's are wonderful! I'm so grateful for the one I was blessed with! What would I be without you!

Thanks mom!

PS We were able to talk to Joey aka Elder Finley on Sunday. Stay tuned for some video's of us talking to Joe!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Grandpa and Grandma Visit

A few weeks ago my mom flew out to Florida to meet up with her dad (aka my Grandpa Bob) as well as my Grandma Jo, Uncle Steve, and Aunt Patty. My uncle Steve is the one who lives in Florida...not too far from Disneyworld so I might have to hit him up for a place to stay soon! After visiting Steve, my mom, Aunt Pat, Grandpa and Grandma went on a ROAD TRIP all over the eastern states. They dropped off my Aunt at her house in mom had fun taking pictures of the Omish while she was there; I'll try to get some pics she took and put them on here soon! I'm sure she looked like a real tourist when she was snapping pictures as they drove by in their little horse and buggies!

Needless to stay they finally made their way to Utah 2 weeks later! It was so much fun to see my grandpa and grandma! I don't get to see them very ofter because they live in Hawaii! Lucky them:). Grandpa told me I need to come visit him and I think I might just have to do that this year:). And the best news is, is that I will have reached the ripe old age of renting a car when I go visit! Sweet!

My mom and I gave gramps and grams a tour of Salt Lake; visiting the conference center, the Tabernacle, walking around the temple, and we took a tour of the Beehive house. It was loads of fun!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Packin' UP CaMp...SAD...

I decided that now that I'm moving out, I better put up some pictures!

Thanks to my friend Amy Cady...I have this lovely sign to greet my students!

Left: Tissue paper butterflies...yay for the life cycle of a butterfly! Right: Word Wall: All of the words have been falling off, yikes! Time to move...

Left: "The Forest" aka Camp Library Right: Pattern Kites

Left: Packin' up! (If you look closely you can see my really awesome chair pockets that a mom made for me last year!) Right: It's CRT time, basically, end of the year we had some "brain food" and I tried to take a cool picture...

Oh and here are the life skills I'm always talking about...

Man, my blog is so BORING lately. Sorry friends! It won't be this way forever, I promise! I've been consumed by school lately because of a project I'm working on for my masters and then I'm also moving schools, so I've been packing up. I haven't been able to sleep lately either...I should take a picture of my right is fiery red because of stress, oh my! Some of my co-workers thought it was pink eye, but no worries, it's just stress. And don't worry about my's the good kind. I'm getting lots of stuff done and feel like I'm somewhat on top of it:). So the no sleep results in doing more homework and blogging because I get sick of doing homework. I'm also planning on publishing this blog at the end of the year so that I can have a journal of 2008, so I guess it's good that I write the boring stuff too, for posterity and all... I don't want them thinking life doesn't have it's ups and downs! And sometimes what seems like the downs are really just the runway for the ups!

Kristy has TAGGED me! Watch out, I'M IT...

4 Jobs I've Had

Operater for Target ("Thank you for calling Longmont Target, this is Tiffany; How can I direct your call?")
POS (Point of Sale!!! Stop thinking that I'm a Piece of Sh#*!) for Kohl's
Funnel Cake Maker for Rodeo's (What a blast! It was a weekend summer job in college.)
Sandwich Artist for Subway ( you remember those days??!?! Carolyn and I were 15 turning 16 that summer. One day we went in to get our checks and I was climbing out of her HUGE 15 passenger VAN! Sweet ride for a 16 year old, huh! Well anyway, the door frame had a huge hook that snagged my pants and totally ripped the backside of my jeans! If I remember right did we both riped our jeans that day?

4 Movies I Have or Would Watch Over and Over

SANDLOT- Good, fun humor! Plus I love baseball!
JUST LIKE HEAVEN- Charming! There's something I can't explain about that movie that I just love!
Love Comes Softly- Yep, I love Hallmark movies...I'm one of those... :)
LAWS OF ATTRACTION- Love the fiestiness of their romantic love affair!

4 of my Favorite Foods

ICE CREAM- My favorites have peanut butter...and a vanilla base:).
Poppy seed Chicken Pot Pie
Chicken Alfredo-Lame I know!
Leslee's homemade cinnomon rolls!

4 Places I've Lived

Kearns, Utah
Monroe, Utah
Greeley, Colorado
Fort Collins, Colorado

4 People Who Email Me Regularly

Joey (Missionary Brother, 1/week)

But not too much lately :(... it's okay)

4 Places I'd Rather Be

Italy, with no plans whatsoever, just lots of time and money...
Australia living Anita Stanfield's stories, ha!
Hawaii with the fam...
Chicago with Molly

4 Things To Look Forward To This Year

Going to the gas station less often.
Getting paid more.
Talking to Joey this SUNDAY!

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Monday, May 5, 2008

"Remember not to..."

I found this note on the floor after school the other day, it made me laugh out loud! For those of you who have trouble reading second grade writing it says

"Dear _____,

We can probably make bracelets. Those will be our sun and moon because we are the real sun and moon. Remember not to use your magic unless you need to!"

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