Monday, April 27, 2009

Chicken Pillows, Chicken Wrap Ups, Chicken Diapers...Whatever You Wanna Call 'Em, They're Yummy!

Okay so a month or so ago, I was on a kick of cooking...I know weird. It's simply no fun to cook for one, so if I get the gumption to cook, I invite people over... or eat my meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or until I'm sick of it... Here is one of the EASIEST, TASTIEST, COOLEST recipes I have thanks to my mom!

Chicken Pillows... as I like to call 'em...

2-3 Skinless, Boneless Chicken Breast

1 8oz. Cream Cheese

2-3 Green Onions

2 tsp. Butter or Margarine

2 Packages Crescent Rolls.

Fry chicken and shred. Mix chicken with cream cheese and green onions . Spread out crescent rolls (just before you bake). Place 1 Tb. of cream cheese mixture on each roll. Roll up and seal ends. Dip crescent roll in melted butter (you can refrigerate for a few hours if needed.)

Bake at time and temperature suggested for crescent rolls. (Approximately 15-20 minutes)

Makes 16.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Elder Finley's Coming home... June 4th!

Just so ya'all now! Mom and dad will be flying out there in 4 weeks! His homecoming will be in a week or two after, so stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!

It's OFFICIAL... I'm a Grown-UP NOW..

Phase 10 is da bomb!
Gotta love RyRy!

Apparently my apartment is pretty boring... LOL!

Cheers to Dinner at Tiff's!

Haha! Like that will ever happen (reffering to my Title)! But I did have my family over for dinner a little while ago, which made me feel like a GROWN UP. They came to my apartment and ate like kings and queen (just mom). It was so much fun, I don't know why I haven't done it before. I guess I always imagined that I'd have them for dinner when I was married or something, but I guess now that I'm established it is a good time as ever!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Draper Temple and Mom

Yesterday my mom and I went to the Draper Temple. It was amazing to be with her at the temple. I love the feeling at the Temple, the spirit is rich and abundant....having my mom with me, made the purpose of the temple settle a little bit more in my heart. I love this place...the peace, the joy, the pure love, the people, just everything.

Friday, April 17, 2009

PaReNTS ARE THE WORST! NOt mine, but my students of COURSE!

I am sooooo fed up with parents this week! They can shove it where the sun don't shine! So there! Now I feel better:)!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Go Jazz!

I think I might be falling for... THE JAZZ! I went to my first game two years ago and started to feel some genuine interest for the team... I would hear about the games every now and started picking up on the names of the players... and now in the past 3 days I've been to, two games! Saturdays game was a flop...I was a afraid I was bad luck or something. Tonight's game was amazing, the team was on FIRE! A huge thanks to my friend Tasha and my friend Jene' for inviting me to the games! Tasha has season tickets, lucky! Jene' had tickets through work and we also had the luxury or eating a nice dinner while watching the game!

Spring Break Update!

Truth be told, tomorrow I have to go back to work... I'm trying to have a positive attitude about it, lol! The knots in my back have already started...I'm having dreams of CRT testing, recess drama, and behavior problems... I can't wait to see the little tike's though and hear all about their weekends!

Now back to Spring Break!

Friday night I went to an Easter Bells Concert thingy down town with Tasha, her friend Erin and my roommate Nat. It was sooooo much fun! We went to a place called "Doto's" for dinner. Yummy! YOU SHOULD GO THERE SOMETIME!

Saturday I cleaned house, worked out, read, and went to the Jazz game! Fun a la fun!

Sunday, I went to church with the fam and had a great Easter Sunday with them! I'm 25 and I still get an awesome Easter basket every year, I love it! Awe the perks of not being married, lol!

Monday, hit a bucket of balls, got a pedicure, cleaned a little, shopped a little, and went to the Jazz game!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


It's never too early to read! I love when kids love to read. For all you parents out there, I have this website for you to use! Some of you may have already heard of it, but I'm finding out that a lot my friends haven't, so here it is. It's soooo much fun for kids 1-9!!! I loved to use it when I taught kindergarten. Some of my third graders still love it even though it's way to easy for them.


Sorry for all of the boring, soul-less posts lately! If I had something slightly amusing or thought provoking, I 'd share, I promise.

There's been one thing that's been sucking the life out of me and that's one of my poor students or many of my students for that matter. The stress of it all has caused some serious tension in my upper back and sleepless nights.

Let me paint a picture of this kid for ya. Each day he walks in to school with this creepy smirk on his face. His eyes are sunk in, his arms seem to drag and sway side to side like a zombie. He sits at his desk, begins to silent read like the rest of the kids...then he falls asleep. A couple hours later he wakes up to the first recess bell. I try to talk to him about his night. He tells me how he stayed up playing video games and watching TV. He didn't have breakfast so I give him a granola bar. He eats a bite or two. He goes to recess. The bell rings. Mrs. Johnson comes to tell me that he hit a girl at recess and is down at the office. His parents are notified. He's given in school suspension the next day. He comes back to school a day later. He's grumpy and angry. I try to work with him on our language arts lesson. He breaks the pencil in half. He can't find anything in his desk, he starts throwing it all over the classroom. Students stare. I try to remain calm and continue teaching and working with students. A students puts the bucket of supplies (scissors, glue, etc) on his desk. He gets mad, pushes it off his desk. Calls the kids names. He gets upset, he fold his arms and will not tell me what happened. I continue teaching. I look over, he's rubbing his fists and staring at another student. I investigate.

Day in and day out for an entire school year this happens...there are so many details I must leave out due to the severity of the issues we've had with this kid and for privacy sake. It pains me to know his home life. My heart goes out to this child. He needs help. The rest of the class should not have to suffer in fear in the meanwhile. This week we had a big meeting...I'm hoping to see change. The thing is, I love this kid. There are times when I can talk to him, when he's engaged in class discussions and when you can see that he has potential to be the biggest sweet heart that ever lived.

It makes me so grateful for my life, my parents, my friends. I feel so blessed and lucky to be raised by good parents and to be surrounded by amazing friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


LIVESTRONG.COM is one my new favorite websites! Just thought I should share!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

What is LoVe?!?!?!

According to 3rd Graders!
At the request Katey...I'm going to post some of my students thoughts on love...we did this activity clear back on Valentine's Day=). Here are just a few favorites...

Student 1: Boy

Love is sick, disgusting, vomiting ! Love makes me want to barf! Love is a battlefield. Americans versus love and well, no Americans win, yay! And I hate Valentine’s Day except for the cards and candy. But I hate the love. I like stuff that has blood and guts coming from your body. Not love and sweetness. But I especially hate Valentine’s Day.

Student 2: Girl

Love is care. And it is about families and friends. And love each other. And give candy to each other. And you love your cousins. And being sweet. And you cheer each other up. And helping each other when you are sick. And visiting your friends in the hospital and to care.

Student 3: Girl

Love is a crush. A friend. A mom. A dad. A family. You have a crush on someone who do you love. If you want a friend to be your Valentine on Valentines day. If you love your mom you might give her a box of chocolate on Valentine’s day. If you love your dad you might give him a Valentines card that to show you love your dad. If you love your brothers and you might give your brothers Valentines card too. If you love your family loves you but nobody can take your love away from you family every body parents loves you too but nobody parents can’t take away your love.

Student 4:Girl

Love is full of caring! Love is a battlefield. Love is about giving stuff to people. Example: My mom cares for me and gives me stuff. Love is when people have a crush on someone else. Love is my dad give my step mom chocolates and get stuff for each other. Love is giving my teacher what she needs like when she says be quiet, be quiet. Love is listening to our parents when they say. Love is being sweet and kind. Love is being good to sick people.

Student 5:

Love is caring for someone you love or caring for your friends and family. Love is visiting the people in a homeless shelter and going to the hospital and visiting the people in there. Love is to make love for people. Love is to show sweetness. And love gives you a great feeling. But especially love is having friends and family near you and by your side.

Student 6: Boy

Love is something no one can take away from you. If you give all your love away you can always get a refill. Love is so wonderful. If there was no love in the world, people wouldn’t be nice or say nice things. Love is the most important thing in whole wide world. Everyone has a lot of love in their heart. Love does not mean to kiss or hug. My family shows my sister and brother and me love by standing up for us. Love is to care about people and being kind or nice. If someone didn’t have love they wouldn’t love anyone. Valentines day is made to celebrate love.

Student 7: Boy

Love is care. And kind loving and a crush means you have a feeling about love. Love means caring. Loving feeling happy and happy means you feel good.

Student 8: Girl

Love is a crush. A friend. A mom. A dad. A family. You have different types of love. For my mom I have a special love for her. And I have a different love for my dad it’s not that I love another one the most it’s just different love. My brother and my dad think that they love me the most but I tell him it’s just different love. My mom and my dad have a different love for each other and our parents have a different love for their kids because it’s just different love. And I always thought that they loved my brother the most but they said different love. My mom demonstrates her love to me by cheering me up. My dad hugging me. My brothers fighting with me that’s how he give me love. My dad laying on me and that what love is about.

Student 9: Girl

Is being sweet! A mom shows love to you by making your bed, giving you lunch, buying your clothes. A dad shows love to you by…teaching you how to ride a bike, building things to help you, helping with homework. I can show love to my animals by… giving food to them and water, playing with them and giving them a place to sleep. My animals will show love to me by…cheering me up when I am sad. Being really funny. I will show love by…standing up for people. Helping people feel better. Helping little sisters do reading and homework. Giving people care, being sweet, and truthful. I love to have love all around me.

Student 10: Girl

Love is romance, kindness, standing up for each other. Love is sweet happiness and loveliness. Love is showing respect to others. Love is agreeing with others. Love is friendship. Love is being a friend. Love is someone that is kind, respectful, and a friend. Love is someone you care for. Love is a thing that you love. Loving a person means that you are a big friend to you.

PS I have a lot of girls in my class!!!! I am not trying to be bias:)!

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