Friday, June 27, 2008

7-11 Guy...Friendly or Creepy?

If you've been following my blog you will know that I like 7-11 and I especially love Diet Dr. Pepper Fountain drinks! I've been trying to cut back so I haven't been going as regularly...however, I needed one TODAY! I went to the one where I'm a very welcomed customer. I feel slightly guilty that they recognize me and like to have small talk. The last time I went there, the old guy (mid fifties maybe...) who is always friendly said that my hair looked really nice with the colors I was wearing. It made me feel good and I appreciated the compliment, I thought nothing of it.
TODAY was a little I was getting my drink he was stalking the cupboard near me. He looked at me as said "YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL." In a very sincere, heartfelt tone. I just smiled and said "you are too kind.." in a hesitant tone. No guy has ever, I mean ever said that to me, so I'm not gonna lie, it was sweet and I appreciated the compliment. But THEN, he gave me a hug and did the whole linger longer rub the back thing. I just sorta laughed it off, not knowing what to do. I couldn't decide if he was just being kind, trying to build my self-confidence, or trying to put the moves on me. I concluded that he was just being friendly, no need to over analyze the hug...but THEN... he said "if I was your student I'd go crazy," as he raised both hands in the air shaking them as to represent he wouldn't be able to concentrate in my class because of my "beauty." So that last part is what makes this all seem a little weird to me...he is always overly friendly, kind, excited to see me...but I just figured I was becoming a regular...hmmm what do you all think? Should I continue going to my favorite 7-11 or is it time to switch it up? Friendly or Creepy? I seriously want your opinion! What am I to do without my Diet Dr. Pepper?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

SaVe tHe DATE!

HELLO FRIENDS! Let's get together, ya, ya, ya!!!!!

Hey I'm going to being in CO soon! I really want to see all my CO friends! You see, I'll only be there for a day and a half...sad:(...then I'll be off to NE, MI, WI and IL on a little adventure with my friend who is driving home to WI and I'm tagging along. I was thinking that the best possible way to see all you all is to have DINNER at a park and then anyone and everyone can come! We could all bring a side dish to share (I'll bring a cake because my b-day is that weekend, and well, it would be the best birthday ever to see you all!) Then bring your own main dish for yourself/family (Albertson's Chicken, Kentucky Fried, Peanut Butter and Jelly...)

I just really want to see you all! I will let you know when I have a better idea of the location. The date is:

July 21st at 6:00 PM in Fort Collins (MONDAY...FHE? HEHE).

Please, please, please come. I want to see YOU and YOUR FAMILY! It will be fun to see some of the old gang from UNC, Skyline friends, Cherrywood Friends and other friends we've met along the way! This would just be tons of fun, old friends and good times!

Please RSVP, ASAP, that way if this flops we can make dinner reservations or something if it's a small group:). Feel free to pass this along to anyone who you think would be interested...I don't have everyone's email address...

Email me and RSVP:

I'll also post this note on my blog ( in hopes that everyone can come... FIREHOUSE GIRLS, HACIENDA HOUSE, ROCK HOUSE, DOLL HOUSE, PRETZEL HOUSE, WHITE HOUSE, did I forget anyone? Awe, I'm just so excited writing this invitation! Just imagine how much fun we can have!!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

OuT oF tHE mOUtH of BabES

I really wish I could post pics of my students, or video's really, so you could see and hear the funny things they say. Well, about a week ago one of my students came up to me and said,

"Miss Finley, we should really call you Mrs. Finley because you're dating someone, hehehehe."

For some reason my students have been obsessed with the idea me dating someone...just a little history...I was dating someone back in the spring time and one of them heard me talking to a co-worker about it at recess and then went and told the entire second grade student body (225 students who all know me pretty well because I taught a lot of them in Kindergarten...) They all went home and told their parents and you can just imagine the questions I get in return... well then we went off track and I never had the heart to them that I wasn't dating him anymore and so every once in a while they'll make comments about it. Then yesterday, one of my kids was filling out a paper that I made asking my students what advice they would give to my next years students and what they should know about me. And one of the kids wrote,

"She's almost married!"

What the heck! I swear, things like this would never happen outside of the state of Utah! JK...HA! Are we warping our children? Or is it a good thing that they expect all relationships to go from dating to marriage in 6 seconds flat. I realize they are just kids, it just makes me chuckle. And I'm sure any kid would make connections like that. Then a substitute asked me on Monday about being single and then related me to her sister who was 34 when she got married, okay guys, I'm 24...that's a ten year difference (well 9, unfortunately I'll be a quarter of a century in the near future...). Has everyone given up on me? Does that mean 24 is pretty much 34 if I'm not married...does not being married qualify as me older than I really am? I don't know, I just have to laugh at all these things that have been happening. It just seems like my singleness haunts me, but I just never get as scared as everyone else, hmmm. All I know is that I have to do what I know is right in my heart, keep praying for answers, live my life and be the best me I can be, right?

Monday, June 9, 2008 and cover...

An immediate heart attack red covered my face when I realized...THAT MY SKIRT HAD FALLEN TO THE GROUND! Yesterday after Relief Society, I stood up, looked down and panicked at the devastating thoughts rushing through my mind when I realized that my skirt had fallen off! Apparently the string that I tie to keep my skirt attached wasn't pulled tight enough and had made it slip down! Luckily I was wearing a black slip and only one or two people seemed to notice. A friend in the ward sitting next to me kind of covered one side of me as I panicked and got down in a squatting position to readjust myself. I tell you, you're never too old for embarrassing moments...I'm beginning to wonder if this is just the beginning of them...

Friday, June 6, 2008

I'm a princess... (Nat, you inspired this post..=))

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