Sunday, August 24, 2008

Big & Greek

Yum Greek Food!
Check out my tan!
Halceyn (one of my favorite co-workers of all time) & Wayne her boyfriend!
Halceyn loves me a lot!

A few weeks ago Leslee and I went to see "Big" at the theatre. I got tickets for teacher appreciation week back in the spring! We decided that we'd make it a girls night out and Leslee had never had Greek before so I said that she must try it sometime and what better time than NOW! "Big" was such a great musical, it was just like the movie! I loved it! I was secretly wishing Tom Hanks would be there!

Go BEE's!

Left: Brooke and Nat! Right: Niki and I saw this sign and thought it was applicable in many situations.

Left: Brooke and Me Right: Some guy Miss probably thinks is hotttt and Miss (Melissa)

Left: Nat (or "Wilson" as I like to call her!) Right: The roommates! We've been roommates for what seems like forever and it's great!

Hot Stuff!
What an awesome Family Home Evening Activity!

August Birthdays!

So two of my siblings had birthdays in August! Unfortunately, I only have pictures of Leslee's birthday...sorry Ry, don't hate me (maybe if you would have invited me to your party I would have taken pictures! Hehe! It's all good:)).

For Leslee's birthday I took her to get her toes done and to Costa Vida for dinner, it was spectacular! We were just two single girls out on the town having a good time!

I love my sister and I'm so glad she was born! She is so funny and so kind, too very important qualities in a BSF...Best Sister Forever!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The HaPpieST PlaCe On EaRth!--Plain Black Shirt Day

On the last day another girl from our ward joined us, as well as Nate's brother! Of course we had to take them on the Jungle Cruise! "What the Jungle is going on!"

Another classic, Indiana Jones!

This sign is posted as you leave the Indiana Jones ride, I really liked it! So true huh!

My all time FAVORITE ride! I had to get a picture alone with it! I love the feeling of falling, it's incredible! I want to go skydiving someday!


Welcome to Hollywood!

Bubba Gumps! On Charrons request we went to this restaurant 3 times! Practically every night we were there! The restaurant was themed after Forest Gump the movie! The first night at this place their service and waiters were awesome so Charron asked to talk to the manager! We actually had two waiters because one guy had to go on break mid dinner. The second waiter was so nervous that we wanted to talk to the manager, Charron is so funny! She loves to talk to strangers! She told the manager how great his restaurant was. Good times!
That night we went home to "the lovely Days Inn" and actually slept in the next day and then we flew back to Utah! And boy am I glad to be home and get back into routine again! I had fun, but man, I forget how nice it is to have routine and groceries! I went shopping yesterday and didn't know what to buy because it's been a month since I've gone grocery shopping!

The HaPpieST PlaCe On EaRth!--Brown Ruffle Shirt Day

Rain Forest Cafe'! Yum!

It was such a cool place we had to take lots of pics and this was the first day the other two would let me take pictures, and I thought I hated the camera!

Delicious Disney Carmel Apples, gotta get that fruit in when you're traveling!

My parents went on their honeymoon to Disneyland and they have a cute picture in front of this Mickey Garden, I thought I needed a matching one...I'll photo shop a man into this picture someday!

The HaPpieST PlaCe On EaRth!--Plain Brown Shirt Day

The Farris Wheel!

Nate' is getting tired while Charron shops!

Charron finds the perfect High School Musical sun glasses!

For lunch we ate at the Blue Bayou...this was Nate' dream...and dreams come true at Disneyland you know. The Blue Bayou is the fancy restaurant inside the the Pirates of the Caribbean ride! $30 a plate later...Nate's dream came true! Ha! We gave her a hard time for taking us to such a pricey place, but I will admit it was fun to be in that atmosphere for just a moment in time:).

This is the line for Jungle Cruise, one of our most favorite rides! The tour guys were both witty and handsome...I think we went on this ride everyday, and sometimes twice a day! Their wittiness was quite cheesy I'm not gonna lie, but who doesn't love a little cheese!
Sleeping Beauty, one of Nate' s favorite princess'

Like I said, dreams do come true in Disneyland, we all found our "night and shinning armors..." if only it were that easy, ha!

Tea cups!

The most hilarious parade ever! The lady in green above is obsessed with Disneyland, she even told us that she is tight with Peter Pan and he sometimes calls her mom! And in the other picture where Nate' is smiling there is a guy in white, he was our entertainment as well, he was a lawyer from Israel! He warned Nate' not to go to law school and to get out now, it was pretty funny!

The light parade...prince charming on the left! We all tried the glass slipper on but it didn't fit! Shucks!

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