Friday, October 16, 2009

HaPpY, ConTEnT, GrAteFuL

Why is it that we are never happy with our bodies?? I just don't get skinny friends and chubby friends alike, we're just never happy. Now that I've finally kicked my butt back into gear to loose some weight...I'm back to my college weight!! Woot! Woot! I feel so good and so happy and even content. In college I felt, chunky, or as my brother would say it "she's just a little bit chunky." It's funny to be the same weight but to have a completely different mindset about it. It sucks how the weight sneaks up on you.... Needless to say, I think I need to start looking at things from another perspective, instead of thinking "wow, I've got some weight to loose" I should really think, "wow, I'm so glad that I'm not 20 lbs heavier!"

As some of you know, I went 50 days without eating out, hooray. To celebrate making it 50 days, my friend Elissa took me out to dinner at Applebee's where I could still eat some healthy, good food! I ordered the 4 oz steak and salad. They have this amazing low-fat dressing! I want to steal the bottle or their recipe!! Elissa has been one of my biggest cheer leaders, I am so grateful for her!!!

I also treated myself to a pedicure for reaching 40 lbs of weight loss this year! Can you believe it? I'm actually a little embarrassed to post about it, but it's not like you couldn't tell that I had a little junk in my trunk, haha. I still have some work to do, but again, I'm happy at where I am. It feels so good!!! I never want to be ungrateful again!! When I get to my goal weight I am going Ski-diving, so if anyone else wants to join, I'll keep ya posted!!

Here's a pic Niki took just for kicks, we'll call this my "half-way to goal" pic:).

3 Miles

I ran 3 miles tonight at Sugar House Park!

I couldn't believe I ran and that I didn't run/walk!

I feel good!

I hope I can do it again tomorrow!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Any Man of Mine-- Favorite Songs!

I was driving home from work yesterday and this song came on the radio. This song (click on song!) makes me laugh every time I hear it. I love it's twangy, catchy beat! Oh how I loved Shania growing up; her and Billy Ray... that's it, let's look up Billy Ray (Click on Billy Ray!) while were at it!! Ah, the memories are flooding now... Kristy and I would put on our cowgirl boots, get out a spatula for a microphone and dance around the house! Well folks, I hope you enjoyed my little country post today as much I did!!

**Carolyn I know how you love country... plug your ears if you must, but you're really missin' out, haha! Maybe I should youtube my teenage favorite too... do you remember when I would blast the radio while washing my car?? Wray hated it! Okay, here it is Truly Madly Deeply!! Savage Garden... wow! This is kind of fun... I think everyone should youtube their favorite childhood, teenage, college and current song! EVERYONE STARTS THOSE TAG THINGS, HOW ABOUT I BE A TREND SETTER RIGHT NOW... I TAG YOU ALL! (Please, I'm beggin you...let me know if you do it!)

1. Favorite Childhood Song: Achy Breaky Heart
2. Favorite Teenage Song(s): Truly Madly Deeply and All-Star and one more Angels Among US
3. Favorite College Song(s): I'm in a Hurry and Secret
3. Favorite "Right Now" Song(s): Party in the USA (Thanks to Heather!) All the Single Ladies (Thanks to the media!) Life is a Highway. Okay, so there's more, but I don't have time to find them all...

Well we all know that I'm not a music junkie...I love music, I love how it makes me feel, the way it makes me think, the way it inspires me...I need to expand my collection however. I might even put itunes on my computer next week... I'm thinking that it might be helpful, since I have an ipod and all. Currently my ipod consists of my mom and sisters country and my brother Aarons rap/rock music... I hope you all DO this tag and I can start making a list of songs I can add to my very own itunes!!

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