Friday, November 28, 2008

Thankful, Thankful, Thankful

Click on the picture above and check out Beau's tounge! He's so funny! He loves table scraps!

My hottt sister! Guys watch out, she's available...but not this Friday, Saturday?!?!

My adorable brothers!!!!
And Ryan trying to put us in a head lock...
Thankful, Thankful, Thankful, Am I, Am I, Am I...I am currently reading Charlotte's Web and the goose always repeats itself 3 times, I guess I'm trying to be a goose, I am weird. This thanksgiving was so much fun. Everything just seemed to flow nicely:). The girls made the desserts the night before and then dad and I got up early to make the stuffing and sun tan the turkey with oil...tradition...or more like I want survive this lifetime and if I don't learn my dads amazing tricks in the kitchen I might not. Then the rest of us pitched in to get the rest of the fixin's made. It's still a little strange that Joey's on a mission, I can't wait until next year! We all went around the dinner table and expressed our gratitude...Aaron is grateful they had Turkey on the first thanksgiving and not donkey.

I am soooo grateful for my family, I love them so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am also grateful for many things in life...the gospel of Jesus Christ, good friends to hang out with and laugh with, incredible roommates, education, my students, my job, parent volunteers, books, airplanes, my little sister (the Liberian one and my real one), having the opportunity to be single, health, hope, prayers, love, laughs, teasing, sarcasm, warm blankets, an apartment, a paycheck, my friends at the gas station, my computer, my friends around the world, temples around the world, paper, scissors, paints, cutting boards, copy machines, ice cream, peanut butter, freedom, to be born in America, long walks, parks, mountains...I could go on...I am so thankful for the peace that comes when I sit down and realize how blessed I am...I am one lucky girl. Thanks to you know who, the Man who created it all:).

Don't bite off my head already Aaron!

PS I went shopping today! I loved it so much! I spent so much! But saved so much! And bought myself too much!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

"These Are My People!" Day 5

We drove past this really cool pirate house on the way to Grandma's. We decided to surprise Grandma Lori (my mom's mom) on her birthday! So after church we drove to grandmothers, over the river and through the vineyards, to grandmothers house we went!

Cris (my cousin) & Alyssa (my cousin Garrett's daughter) came too! It was a lot of fun getting to know them!

Of course I made friends with Alyssa because I share similar interests and mentality:)

Doesn't that sweater look cute (my mom picked that out for her!)

Grandma was beaming the whole time, she was so glad we came.

And on Day 6 we drove all the way home.... :(. I loved being with my mom and sister! We need to do this again soon!

"These Are My People!" Day 4

IN-N-OUT BURGER, need I say more...delish! Mom's old friends and old meaning friends from way back when she was in high school, anyway, they took us out to eat! We call them the Wagner's! (Mom dated their son in high school...)

This was my first time parking in the handicapped spot, yay! I loved it and I loved the Wagner's!

We also went back for more Mint Truffle ice cream...shhh don't tell anyone:).

"These Are My People!" Day 3

We took this Ferry to San Francisco...

And then another Ferry to Alcatraz...
Alcatraz and San Francisco from the Ferry.

The Audio tour! I love audio tours, no joke!

Another pic of San Francisco and then the bridge:)!

There was a weird feeling walking the halls where America's most dangerous prisoners once lived.

The tour...

Seagulls were everywhere! I took this pic, pretty good might I add:).
Next, we went to Lombard Street. Lombard Street is San Francisco and America's crookedest street. The steep, hilly street was created with sharp curves to switchback down the one-way hill past beautiful Victorian mansions. The street is paved with bricks and is an amazing site to see as demonstrated by the photos below.

We made the very long and very torturous hike up it! We made it!

We went to a restaurant called "Side Out" and I spilled...then made it worse by cleaning it up...I didn't want it to look like just one blob right there in the middle so I made it look like a long mark...sheesh!

My mom and I were laughing at some "models" posing as if they were walking and then we imitated them, hehe!

China town...I took the funny pic of the underwear drying, just made me giggle, that's all. China town in San Francisco was not scary at all...NYC on the hand was frightful! I thought I might loose my life there!

Then we did a little light shopping, once again I didn't buy anything...someday I'll own Tiffany's jewelery, it' just not on my priority list right much money! I would rather travel! We also went to some other fancy stores!
This day was definately AWESOME!!!!!

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