Friday, August 7, 2009

Do's and Don'ts of Dating Tiffany

1. Make the first move.
2. Plan the date.
3. Open the door.
4. Make me laugh.
5. Hold intelligent conversations.
6. Tell me you like my perfume.
7. Talk about life and little things, even stupid things.
8. Walk me to the door.
9. Hug me.

1. Talk about other girls and/or refer to other girls as really beautiful on the date.
2. Talk about old relationships.
3. Talk about how you're excited about the division of labor for when you married. (I know it will inevitably happen and I'm sure I'll love it...but without the most eloquent of words I might not know where you're going with it and think you expect me to be your slave and not your wife, just saying...)
4. Talk about how it's hard to know if you're the one on the first date.
5. Talk about how you don't know what to do with your life and how you have no direction. (Once again, let me clarify. It's okay if you don't know exactly where your life is just have to have some sort of game plan. I am after all finished with school, working full time... as much as I want to be your sugar mama...)
6. Tell me that I can pay next time. (I really don't mind paying/taking turns, but when you tell me I need to pay next time, it sends mixed signals.)

This is a work in progress... but all of these do's and don't are a result of my past few dates! Really, I'm not that easy to please... Can you believe some of those don'ts?? I promise I'm not picky... I just want to be respected, loved, appreciated...yada, yada, yada.

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Life as it for Tiffany Finley is quite the revolving door, one activity ends and I’m back on the rebound, looking for something to spice it up! Live it up, I tell you! Although, those who know me well, know my limits of “living it up!” A whirlwind of terrible singing, dancing, playful banter, blunt responses, sweet and endearing but firm and serious remarks to children, speaking/slaughtering accents that I’ve spun from memory, are a just a few of my favorite things….I delight in waking to the sunrise, driving to an incredible place of work, where I am able to express my true self regularly! My students call me "Crazy. ” This is where the song and dance comes into play, whether we are learning about adjectives or writing our names on our papers, I’ve got a song and cheer for it all! I’m passionate about traveling and walking down narrow pathways. In my spare time, I enjoy taking walks in the park…I’ve been known to disappear in the dark of the night, only to be found on the swings. I also love to organize and re-organize, I can never quite get things right. I thoroughly enjoy people watching.