Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Whoa....what can I say...I've been busy :). A few months ago I met this great guy named Jake and well we hit it off and have been dating for a while now. It's weird, I've had hardly anytime to facebook,email, blog, etc and I feel happy about it. In a way my life has changed drastically, but being busy hasn't changed a bit. Jake writes the sports column for a paper in Tooele. So between his games, school events/grading and family, a little traveling, my life is quite full. Of course I couldn't be happier. Most of all, I'm full of gratitude. I'm so thankful for everyone in my life and for all of the wonderful things going on. My sister Leslee's recently got engaged, she's ecstatic and the wedding plans are in full bloom now that they've picked a date. Joey and Emily are expecting a baby girl in February, the Finley family is growing at rapid speed. Aaron joined the National Guard and will be going to boot camp come January. Ryan just announced his first girlfriend on facebook, haha. I always think it's funny when I find out things about my own family on facebook. My parents are going crazy keeping up with all their kids. We are so lucky that they care so much and support us in so many ways. My mom is so sweet planning and organizing everything, my dad serving in every way possible...fixing cars and he's going to help me move next week. Yep, move. I'm moving home. Speaking of moving, I better get a packing. I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas and that you're healthy and happy. I wish there was a way possible to see every one of you this holiday season and give a great big hug :).

Monday, September 27, 2010

Quote from Women's Conference

"If you judge people, you have no time to love them". Mother Teresa

Thanks President Monson!


Spanish Class.
Dad's 50th Birthday.
Lion King w/ Mom.
Sugar House Park Run.
Women's Conference.
Chuck A Rama.
Dad's Birthday 50th Bday.
Hot Rod = lame movie.
Live. Laugh. Love. Cliche' but true.
Lot's to teach!
Working on Relief Society Newsletter.
Visiting teaching.
Fun family.
Math Class.
Peanut Butter.
Aaron joined National Guard.
Leslee's hair is cute.
Elissa having a girl.
Melissa is having a boy.
Kristy had flu.
Niki is going to Israel soon.
Heather is engaged.
Emily is looking cute w/a little bump.
Ryan is getting so old.
Mom knows every low-fat diet food in the book.
Molly is back in Utah.
Tasha has my back.
Made my bed today.
Need maid.
Judge not.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Pretty much I'm terrible at blogging now... I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It's just so much easier to post pics on facebook and call it good. However, I hear there's a company that will print your blog for good price. So I better get back to the grind because heaven knows I don't journal often enough.


Summer-This summer was a blast! I was nanny 3 days a week to save a little extra cash. Most of it was spent having fun... I went on two camping trips with singles wards which were a blast. In July I turned a year older while I was in Lake Powell, woot woot. I got my first speeding ticket on our drive home from Powell. My drivers license had expired while I was there so that was no beauno. My family took a few boating trips and that was pretty awesome. I can now almost wake board!

Back to School- My class is pretty great so far. I only have two kids who throw tantrums...happy, happy, joy, joy. I've only had to get out the paddle a few times, lol. No basically I give them choices...most of the time it works like a charm. We will have no whiners in Camp Finley!! This is year 6 for me. Can you believe it! It feels so great to know what I'm doing now. Not that I'm teacher of the year or anything, but I feel pretty confident about the ins and outs of the classroom. This is my third year teaching third so that helps as well. I think I'll stay in this grade for another decade, switching grades is a real pain the rear and throws your grove off quite a bit. I have 5 kids reading on or above grade level, which leaves 22 kids way far behind. I have my work cut out for me. I asked the kids to write down their home address the other day and only 4 of them new it. So for all you parents out there...teach your kid their address in case of emergencies, it just might come in handy one day ;).

Fall- Over Labor day I went to Jackson Hole with Tasha, Erin and Brooke. We had a grand ol time setting up a tent in the middle of the night. We spent a day shopping and touring the town and another day hiking around Jenny Lake. I'm loving the outdoors more and more. I started a hiking class yesterday. I will be going on a new hike every Saturday morning. I'm pretty stoked about it. Friday night I went hiking with my mom on Coyote Trail which is near my parents house. Saturday I hiked Elephant Rock. My booty is a little soar from all the intense hiking two days in a row.
Dad-Helping kids, helping kids more, and helping kids. Hunting. House projects. etc. Working.
Mom-Helping kids find cars for hours on end. Babysitting, etc.
Leslee- Dating Scott; they're in love <3.
Joe & Em- Joe is going to BYU. Switched majors to Journalism, seems to suite him. And guess what Emily is prego....which means I'm going to be an aunt! Yeah! Can't wait! I'm excited for their little surprise to come to the world. Em is also teaching Chemistry in Alpine this year.
Aaron- Going to SLCC. Thinking of having the military pay for his schooling. Dating Nicole.
Ryan-Senior at Jordan and looking for a new job. Cute kid, makes me laugh all the time.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jeep Guy

2 months ago I tried to get my FLIRT on.

I started by driving to work. Actually by curling my hair, applying that make-up and choosing something that makes me feel good to wear....you'd be surprised, those three things are essential to get the FLIRT on.

A jeep pulls up next me. I can't look, too shy. Next light, slow glance. Another red! I smile. About to turn into the neighborhood. Realize I'm never going to see this kid again. Smile and wave...the flirty kind. Nothing to lose, why not? I'm not getting any younger.

Park. Walk towards school. See Jeep guy pull in parking lot. Freak out. Walk faster and faster and FASTER. Crap, all I did was follow a few simple techniques, look good, smile, wave. Tell a few favorite staff members.

Next day. Kindergarten teacher tells me a note was left on her car. It made her husband mad. Note says,

"You are super cute. I was in the jeep. If you are single and interested, my number is...."

Thank you Jeep Guy. I'm flattered. You rock and are fearless. Two thumbs up.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Free Woman! I paid off the car aka JET!

I paid off my car! Ah, what a good feeling! For the first time I physically own something that was kinda of a big purchase! Well besides my education...all 6 years of it! I like not owing anyone money...I could get used to this. But the thought has crossed my mind..hmmm should I buy another one?? NO Way JOSE'! That is money in the bank for the next big purchase! Why do I always want to spend money though?? I swear this life is all about self control! In every area of my life I have to use this...cars, food, clothes, dating, speaking... see what I mean!!

Self -Control!

Anyway, I don't have anything funny or grand to say. Life is just rollin'. Hope it's going well for all of you, my dear faithful blog readers! Cheers to happy day!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Memory Lane...College Talent Show

I came across this song that my roommates (aka Firehouse girls!) and I wrote to the tune of the Little Mermaid song. I was busting up laughing...it's obvious that we wrote this in college. I figure I should add this to my blog collection in case I lose this lovely college artifact. Cheers to a good laugh! Enjoy:).

*Caution: All views are not solely mine and keep in mind we were 19! A few years ago, oh gosh! :(

**Best if sung out loud :).

Tribute to RM's--Part of Their World...

Look at these boys--aren't they so cute,
I have to find them at the institute.
Looking around here you think--sure--they are everywhere??

Look at this trove, treasures untold.
How many scriptures can one elder hold?
Looking around you think--sure we've got everything.

We've got counsel from bishop aplenty.
We've got "Let's feed the the ward" all galore!"
You want non-members--we've got many.
But who cares, no big deal, we want more.

I want to be where the sweet boys are.
I want to see, want to see them dancing--
Walking around doing what do they call it again--oh, splits!
Dating preemies--you don't get too far.
RM's required for courting--marriage.
Wanting to register--what's that place called? Oh, Target...

Whens it my turn, wouldn't I love--
Love to slip that honking ring on!

Watch and you'll see--someday I'll be--MRS. RMmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh Teach, I look good 24-7!

Today I was thinking about how my students make me laugh! I told the kids that they looked cute today and one little boy said, "oh teach I look good 24-7!" So I found these cute kids to substitute for my students since I can't put their darling little faces on here!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What is LOVE according to 3rd Graders???

Love is...

Today I had my students describe in their own words what love is. It was funny to see their reactions..."ugh really??" One girl look mortified by the thought of writing on such a topic. Two or three of the boys had some deep thoughts about the subject; they'll be heart throbs for sure. A few of the girls will be sorely disappointed...haha, just kidding. So in honor of Valentines day I've provided some quality entertainment written by my very own THIRD GRADERS!! Woot, woot! Cheers to this day of love! Hope everyone get's a little smile, I mean a REALLY BIG GRIN on this day! :) PS Keep in mind some of my students are ELL (English Language Learners) and so it may be a bit confusing...such is love.

Girl: Love is great because it is a crush. Love is everywhere. Love is peace, happiness and marriage. Marriage leads to kids and a house. The person I want to fall in love with is someone who is buff and treats me like a lady and will buy me anything I want. If you fall in love you want to grow old with that person. And be happy and famous and a trillionaire and have a big house.

Boy: Love is showing care for other people. It’s like a star growing brighter and brighter. It’s like a rock growing stronger and stronger. It’s like a shield that protects you. Love wraps you in a warm feeling. Love is learning. Love is caring. Every day you feel something warm. Love brings us close to something. Love is everything. Love shows everything.

Boy: Love is a crush. It is a thing that you give gifts. I love my mom and my dad. Everyone in the world has a crush, including me. DO you have a crush? Yes. She is in my class. This is fun, really fun.

Boy: Love is when you have a crush on somebody. I don’t like love. Love is also when you really like somebody. I just like people like my friends. I hate love but some people like love. Love is like a seed. When it is planted it only grows once. It has to be planted just right or it will not grow.

Girl: Love is a feeling that you have that makes you happy. Love can be different. You can love a family member or a friend. Love is a special thing that represents Valentine’s Day. You can get cards, hearts or candy. Love is so, so, so special to me. Love is loving your family. You can love somebody like your brother, sister, or family members.

Girl: Love is the important thing is that people can have in the world. Some people already lost someone they love. People love their family like I do. Love is cool. Love is something or someone that we like. I like my mom and dad, sister and brother, grandmothers and grandfathers. Love is so cool. Love is a crush with someone. Like mom’s fall in love with our dads. Love is great because it is the important thing in the word because we love our moms and dads and family. People that already died, we still love them.

Girl: What is love? Love is when you like someone very, very, much and they love you back. Just like when your mom loves your dad. Or like how I love school and math. Love is when you care about others and not about yourself and showing happiness, affection and love. Like milk and cookies or pancakes and butter. I want to fall in love with someone who will love me for the rest of my life and someone that’ll show me love and not someone who is weird.

Girl: Love is about a happy ending. Happy endings have love in them. I love my family. My parents may yell at me, but they said that’s the way they love me. The next person in my family is my biggest sister, she is 18 years old. She helps me a lot. I also like my second big sister; she is nice, kind and careful. My third little sister is nice and my baby sister is cute.

Boy: Love is when someone has a crush on you or you love a family member or your pet. Love is good for some people. It makes people happy. When someone loves you they would follow you around and give you gifts. But if they don’t love you they would not do any of that stuff. I love my mom, dad, brother, sister, pet, grandma, grandpa, cousin and my uncle too. I love everyone in my family.

Girl: Love brings happiness to people’s hearts. It always makes people feel good and happy about love. Love also includes hugs and kisses. Sometimes love can fall apart and you can get really sad. You can cry when someone asks you out. You can love your family, friends, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas. Love is perfect and your heart tells you who you love.

Boy: Love is trash. I only love my mom and my dog. Love is really a crush or when you kiss someone or hug someone. Some people like love, but some people hate love like me. I love animals. My favorite animal is the eagle. I love birds. They are really cute. They are different colors.

Boy: What is love? Love is being kind to people and showing respect to your parents, family and friends. Love is when people are married and when your parents show respect. Love is a crush. I only like being kind to people. I like guts, blood, and slime because it’s cool.

Girl: Love is a crush. It is also sweetness. If you are kind to a friend or family you are showing love. Love is shown in so many different ways. It is beauty. It comes from a holiday called Valentine’s Day. It is fun. You get cards and candy. You could also get a gift from someone you love. Love is here every day no matter if it is different. It is still the same. I love because it is beauty.

Girl: Love is when you love your family or if you have a crush. Lots of people have different kinds of love. Some people love people as a friend, a family, or a crush. Love makes the world go round. I think love is the most wonderfulest thing that’s on this earth. I think love is one of the important things. I love, love!

Boy: Love is when you love someone or you love them like a friend. Love is a brother, a sister, or a dad. Love is when you love your parent and respect them and listen to them when she or he is out of work you can help them clean. Love is when I listen to my teachers or tow my parents or baby sister. Love is when you give something that people need.

Boy: Love is barfy. Grotatious. Puke. It makes me puke. Barf. It is disgusting. Love is puke. Barfy. Grotatious. Puke. It is disgusting. It makes me barf. It is barfy. I love my king cobra and python and my parana’ and my baby shark and my bird. The end.

Girl: Love is a sweet thing. You can experience love by looking at it. You can love anything you like because everybody loves different things. Love is really important to me. Love is an awesome feeling. You can love anyone you want. It can be a family member or a friend. Love is really beautiful. It can be anything you want it to be. Love is a crush. It can be sweet. Love is awesome. Hearts flow above the people you love. Love can be a happy feeling. You can also love your family any way you want.

Girl: Love is pretty but not to me. Love is like pretty for everyone. But for Miss Finley she likes it. She loves Valentines. She thinks Valentines is cute. Love is dumb. Love for me is so dumb. People in the world like valentines. My mom hates valentines because she thinks it’s ugly because she thinks valentine’s is just for people with boyfriends.

Girl: Love is something that is in all of us, but it is different. But the important thing is that we all have love in us. And love is important to me. The love I feel is warm and nice and fluffy and cute and me. I love my mom, my dad, my sisters and my grandparents. What love is, is a feeling inside that makes me feel good, but not for most people. My families love, it’s pure. It’s us and our love is love.

Boy: Love is when you like someone very much. Love is when you have a crush on somebody like friend, classmate, or money? Love stinks badly. Love is disgusting like puke and dogs droppings. It breaks your heart when it’s green/red, you’re heartless. Love is weird. Love is evil like a villain, it’s chillin like a villain. Today and everyday love is making guys eat hey. Love is wrong.

Boy: I love my family as friends. I love my mom, my dad, my brother and my sisters. Love means you have a baby. Love is barf. Love is disgusting and gross and nasty. I hate love. Love is a battlefield. Love is stupid. I hate love. It is retarded!

Boy: Love is loving my mom and dad and my brothers and if I do kind things and love each other. I love my friends and my grandma and grandpa. Love is a kind of kindness. I love my family. I love animals and macaroni and cheese. I love my heart and everyone.

Boy: Love is poo and poo is love. Love sucks. I hate love. I like bloody stuff. I like my family. I like my brothers Justin and Coltin. I like my sisters Jocelen, Kylee and Savanah. I like mom and dad. Poo makes the world go round. I like valentines because of all the candy and stuff people give you.

Boy: Love means you love someone really bad. It’s when you feel good. Who you love is a crush. You love people, things, or anything. It’s the best thing ever! Love is the best thing on earth. Love makes you feel good. The end.

Boy: Love is the most important thing on earth because people like love. I like love too. I love my mom and my two dogs. I love my sister. And if you are 16 you can go on a date. I love Utah and Love is perfect. I love my girlfriend.

Boy: Love is gross. I think it sucks. Love wants me to barf. The only thing that I love is slime. I think that love is disgusting. I also love guts and blood. I love my family. I also think that we need to get rid of love. I think that love is dumb. Then I think love is stupid. We need to get rid of love right away. Love is sweet and kind. Love is really nice and beautiful. Love is perfect it pumps when you’re in love. It’s really pretty.

Boy: Love is being nice to others. You can love your family. It’s showing manners. Playing nicely.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The D Word


What's the deal with dating?
You're happy.
You're sad.
You want them you.
You don't.
I just don't get it.
I didn't sign up to be a life long dater.
They ask you out.
They don't.
They call.
They don't.
It's up.
It's down.
They like you.
You don't like them.
You like them.
They don't like you.
Sometimes I just want to give up.
We long to have someone to be with.
To love to cherish.
To admire.
To praise.
To snuggle with.
It's our innate desire to be with someone.
To experience the good, the bad and the ugly.
A witness of your life.
Why is complicated?
Why is it hard?
Is it timing?
Is it me?
Sometimes it's easier to be single.
Don't Quit.
Hope. Believe. Pray.

Friday, January 15, 2010

2010 is here, what???

So apparently I don't blog anymore! Oh well, you will all just have to call me for updates, hehe. Lots has happened. My brother got married! Christmas came and went. New Years came and went. Niki and Moly got engaged! Lots of dates. Set some new goals. So there you have have it. My life in a nutshell!

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Life as it for Tiffany Finley is quite the revolving door, one activity ends and I’m back on the rebound, looking for something to spice it up! Live it up, I tell you! Although, those who know me well, know my limits of “living it up!” A whirlwind of terrible singing, dancing, playful banter, blunt responses, sweet and endearing but firm and serious remarks to children, speaking/slaughtering accents that I’ve spun from memory, are a just a few of my favorite things….I delight in waking to the sunrise, driving to an incredible place of work, where I am able to express my true self regularly! My students call me "Crazy. ” This is where the song and dance comes into play, whether we are learning about adjectives or writing our names on our papers, I’ve got a song and cheer for it all! I’m passionate about traveling and walking down narrow pathways. In my spare time, I enjoy taking walks in the park…I’ve been known to disappear in the dark of the night, only to be found on the swings. I also love to organize and re-organize, I can never quite get things right. I thoroughly enjoy people watching.