Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas w/ Rita!

For Christmas, Rita & I made some chocolate chip cookies and then I let her unwrap one gift. This little girl is darling! I love being part of the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program! Rita is hilarious, I would love to have her as a student! She is sweet, funny and well mannered! Rita also learns fast! I taught her multiplication a few months ago and she was doing all sorts of problems within minutes! She's also an amazing reader! She moved here 2 years ago and she's reading at grade level! I love her! I love children! I am so grateful I have time to hang out with her and learn about her life! She teaches me so much about life, culture, and so much more!

Roommate Christmas!

Me & my AWESOME Roommates!!!!

2 & 1/2 Years of livin' up the single life together!! We went to Biaggi's for our Christmas dinner, we wanted to go somewhere nice! I love their Butternut Squash! Yum!

I had a burger king hat in my car so Natalie recommended that we try them on "Graham Style." Fun, huh!

This was Nat's sweet gift from Niki! We were seriously rolling on the floor laughing out loud as Natalie read it to us! I highly recommend this gift for all those who can appreciate laughing about poo!
I am EXTREMELY grateful for wonderful roommates! If it wasn't for great roommates I would be renting a one bedroom apartment and I'd be really poor and THANKS Loha & Grahamster!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Dinner w/ the Fam

Mom and her diet pepsi. Dad and his AWESOME ham!

"Check out my muscles! Mine are bigger!"

Awe, I seriously love, love, love my family!!!!!!!!! Christmas was great! Talking to Joey for two hours was WAY COOL! Joey sounds the same, a bit more spiritual, a bit more funny, love that kid! he comes home in 22 weeks! Yeah!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Newsletter.

Dear Friends & Family,

It's Christmas! WOW! My mom was right, time does speed up when you get older! I decided to write this letter despite the fact that anyone who would read this probably already knows everything because they probably read my blog, but non-the-less, I started this tradition last year so here goes :)...

I spent the beginning of last year not eating sugar, but that came to a halt one day in April. It seems that sugar isn't everything and didn't affect my diet too much. I also spent A LOT of time at home and at school working on my capstone project for my masters. I'm glad to announce that I finished that project with flying colors and I am now a proud graduate of SUU, weird!

In May I ventured off, as I sometimes do, to a new land, NEW YORK CITY! Boy was that an adventure! It was so much fun to be with good friends and see some pretty amazing sites! I absolutely loved going to Ellis Island, I could have spent a few days there! I was also pretty impressed by the Empire State Building. WICKED, the musical, was fantastic too!

Then in July after my friend Molly and I finished up with our masters classes, we went on a 2 week road trip from Utah to Wisconsin! It was BLAST! We stopped to see friends and family along the way! After I got home, I turned around and got on another plane, this time headed to Disneyland...I know what you're thinking, this girls needs to stop playing and start working! Don't worry, I do feel guilty, but I also have ants in my pants and can't stop, I figure I should follow the advice of nearly every married friend that I have, which is, "live it up now before you have kids!"

In August, I unpacked all my teaching stuff at Taylorsville Elementary, where I now reside as a third grade teacher in Room 16. I am really liking it! Change is always hard but I think the pro's outway the con's with this one. I love having my very own classroom, none of that rotating business of a year around school. Learning the third grade cirriculumn has kept me busy and on my toes. Third grade feels like my nitch, I hope not to change grades anytime soon. I work with a great staff and wonderful students, the parents are the only disappointing factor...

For my fall break, I went with my mom and sister down to Sacramento and San Francisco. We had a great time! Laughing, gettting lost, yelling at the GPS, and meeting up with friends and family was awesome! We're thinking that we should go on yearly roadtrips from now on!

A couple of weeks ago I went to Chicago and hung out with Molly! We went to all the fancy stores, had the famous Chicago Pizza, and went to the top of the SEARS tower...I think I've been to most of the tallest buildings in the world now...I'll have to think about that one.

I took a balloon art making class this year, my students are quite fond of this new skill;)! My piano lessons have been kind of touch and go lately...between the masters and transitioning to a new school they got a little neglected. I learned a little more about myself this year, that's been good and bad, but mostly good, lol. I've learned that I love the temple and I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm excited to celebrate Christ's birth. I love this time year, where I can reflect on the Saviors life and make an extra effort to become more like him. I wish you all the Most Merry Christmas of them all! Thanks for being great influences in my life!



Sunday, December 21, 2008

Finley Family Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas


Written by, My MOM

Another year has come and gone already!! It has been a lot of fun getting cards and letters in the mail, catching up on all our friends and family. We love the pictures, it is amazing how big the kids are getting!

Tiffany has been busy this year. She is now teaching 3rd grade in a new school district and is loving it. She also earned her Master’s degree in July. And has been taking several trips, some include New York, Chicago, Disneyland, and a road trip to Wisconsin.

Leslee is still working hard at UVU. Can’t really say she is loving it, but she is trying hard to finish up by 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. She is still working at Ogio International. Leslee went on her first river run experience this summer in Jackson Hole Wyoming, she had so much fun that she wants to take the family next summer.

Elder Finley is still serving a mission in Brazil. He has been out for 19 long months. He is due home June 3rd. He is currently serving in a town called Guabriaba. He has been busy this year as a Senior companion, District Leader, Trainer and Zone Leader and as 2nd Counselor in the Bishopric.

Aaron just turned 17 and has 3 things on his mind girls, cars and cars. He was lucky enough to survive his first accident where he totaled his car. He is a junior this year and is working hard at school but can’t say he loves it! He works part time at Larry H. Miller.

Ryan had a great season playing football. He is attending Jordan High school, he wanted to have some space from Aaron who is at Alta. He really likes it and is now wrestling for Jordan High.

Jeff has a new dog named Cache. Jeff has been busy training him and earned his junior hunt test title in May and they are now working on his senior title, with the help of Ryan. He still is with State Farm and he loves being back in Utah where the hunting is good.

I have been busy taking care of the family. I had the opportunity to see all my family but 1 brother this year. I went on a 2 week road trip with my Dad, step mom and sister Pat. We started in Florida and had a nice visit with my brother Steve and his wife Iryna. Then we headed up to Wisconsin and on over to Utah. The girls and I also went on a 5 day road trip to California. It is so much fun to travel with older kids!

We hope this Christmas season finds you happy and healthy. Thank you for your Christmas cards and visits. We have made so many great friends and are grateful you keep in touch. May God bless each of you this coming year with health, love, and peace.


The Finley’s

Jeff, Dixie, Tiffany, Leslee, Elder Finley, Aaron and Ryan

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Questions about Christmas Cards & Presents

I want to be a little "Snoopy" and get your thoughts on these questions...

Does everyone still send out Christmas cards?

Should single people send them out?

How much money should you spend on Christmas?

Who all do you buy gifts for? Friends, Neighbors? Co-workers? Students? Parent Volunteers? People who look like they need a little something? Charity?

What constitutes as a good gift?

What do you do if you forget to get someone a gift?

What do you do if you can't find the perfect gift for someone?

Are gift cards a bad idea?

How do you show your appreciation for your gifts?

I went shopping today and it stirred up some thoughts about Christmas Cards and Presents...what are your thoughts? Please share:).

Bloody Noses

Is this weather causing me to have bloody noses? :( 3 in 1 day is not cool.

Food Poisoning, my first experience...

And hopefully my last...I know what it is now and what happens when you get it. SICK! REALLY SICK!

Lesson learned: NEVER EAT AT ARBY'S ON 4500 S. AND 900 E.!!! Also, always get a substitute regardless if you think you can make it through the day. (Nothing terrible occurred.)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sweet Butt, Windy City, Chicago, IL!

Gotta love the famous pizza!

The Sears Tower...largest building in the US!

Famous peole from Chicago...Molly and I did a report on Jane Addams in our Masters program!

Chicago Temple

Nurse Niki's Graduation

Yay! My roommate and BF Niki graduated! I am soooo excited for her! We had a fun party at our place, good times :)!


Celebrate Nurse Niki’s Graduation


Thursday, December 11th, 2008


7:00-9:00 PM


4408 Muirfield Dr. #21


The theme of the party is "Niki’s Favorites!" Bring one of her favorite foods...graham crackers and milk, nibs, muffing mix (baked for 58 seconds in the microwave), dough (any type:)), silk chocolate milk, m& m's, cinnamon toast crunch, homemade oreo cookies, cookies, peanut butter m & m's...etc!

For help with directions, call Tiffany

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